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Germany 22.07: zum dreijährigen von BF2 - Patch 1...
Germany 22.07: Left 4 Dead Cover ist da!
Germany 22.07: Postal III kommt inkl. Terminversch..
Germany 19.07: Zwei neue Video zu FarCry 2
Germany 19.07: Zwei Schwachstellen im Call of Duty..
18.07: b2bk.cs - 1:16
18.07: b2bk.wc3 - 3:1
18.07: b2bk.ut - 3:3
18.07: b2bk.bf2 - 116:28
18.07: ALTERNATE aTTaX - 0:16
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  • Zwei neue Video zu FarCry 2
   written on 19.07.2008   by BamBam
hab gerade diese relativ anschaulichen vides zu FarCry2 gefunden Wink
hätte sie gerne für euch eingebunden um sie hier direkt anzuschauen aber das will nicht so wie ich es gerne hätte Razz naja muß noch was üben hehe^^aber hier der link:

Quelle: www.eprison.de/news/1592



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Actually, I think there’s a possibility that he could be Bisexual. But even if he is, I doubt that it was anything like that. There’s the age difference, plus when the contestants all live together like that, they all become like a family, so even if he was straight and she was over 18, I still don’t think they’d see each other like that. I think they’re just like brother and sister, like he said. I guess they connected because they’re both kind of the freaky misfit Rock singers, while everyone else was more normal Pop/R&B singers, so having each other there probably made them feel a little less “weird” and alone because they really got each other. She seems to really look up to him too. I noticed that when they were performing the duet, Allison showed all of the confidence and stage presence,and everything,that Simon said she was lacking because she kind of fed off of Adam’s confidence and energy,and everything. He pulled all of that out of her, but,unfortunatly, it was too late. Maybe he feels bad that he couldn’t “save” her, like Simon suggested. But at least she went out with a bang and I’m sure she’ll still a (hopefully she will a duet with Adam, like the judges said. That would rock).Anyway,though,I think it’s just a brother/sister thing.I’ve been a little curious earlier on about Adam and Megan,though,because I’ve seen a lot of pics of them on the Internet where they were cuddling or holding hands or staring into each other’s eyes,and everything, and it looked a bit romantic to be just friends, so that confused me a little. Maybe she liked him. If he’s Bi, maybe he liked her too. Who knows? But then again, last season Michael and Carly always seemed to be flirting with each other when they’re both married, and not to each other. So, I really don’t know what’s up over in “Idol-land”. Maybe there’s something in the water :p. But, really, I think they were all just close friends.

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