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Germany 22.07: zum dreijährigen von BF2 - Patch 1...
Germany 22.07: Left 4 Dead Cover ist da!
Germany 22.07: Postal III kommt inkl. Terminversch..
Germany 19.07: Zwei neue Video zu FarCry 2
Germany 19.07: Zwei Schwachstellen im Call of Duty..
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18.07: b2bk.wc3 - 3:1
18.07: b2bk.ut - 3:3
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  • Left 4 Dead Cover ist da!
   written on 22.07.2008   by BamBam
Noch ist zwar nicht bekannt, ob der Horror-Shooter Left 4 Dead überhaupt in Deutschland erscheint, einen Blick auf den soeben veröffentlichten Packshot der Zombie-Ballerei dürfen jedoch mit Sicherheit auch deutsche Fans werfen.

Mit einem giftigen Grün sowie einer Hand ohne Daumen wird der Packshot in Spieleläden sicherlich viele Blicke auf sich ziehen. Rechts könnt ihr den Packshot in den beiden Ausführungen für PC und Xbox 360 begutachten.



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If you're like me , you were on vacation and working intermittently for the past two weeks , sometimes do it in one day, which was supposed to be devoted to the other, sometimes both on the same day , and as a result , you have a subtle understanding - to - the best at what day of the week is right now. As a way to help you get a handle on your calendar ( and as a reminder that you have more than two days off before you ) , we are here to make our traditional meeting Friday best deals bag Internet.
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Some of these models (which are listed in no particular order ) are new for this year , and some have been around for a while, but all of them have been instrumental in shaping the way consumers viewed the previous calendar year accessories . They are trend - setters are factors calling list , they are bags that have led thousands of women crazy , until they got their hands on them . Here's to another year of bag lust .
Follow what celebrities are wearing and carrying through every season, but Fall 2013 seemed to bring a quick return to form for celeb designers after a cool summer without the worry of neon satchels and bags floral cups . New York Fashion Week in September always reminds celebrities to re- declare their loyalty and finding new fashion brands to tout / tote . You'd think that finding the best 10 celebrity moments this season bag will be an easy task .
Celeb bag - watching is my main gig - I saw hundreds of combos celeb / bag the last several months . However, when it came time to choose my favorite celeb handbag selections season, I was amazed at how far these ten stood out from the crowd. Bags that make up this list represents a wide variety of needs handbag to carry - with - all plastic containers full - the clutches party - time.
We made ??it ! Well, I almost did . Christmas is just five days away, " Out of Office " e- mail auto - answer multiply the second and even the most generous free offers expedited shipping starting to expire. For a michael kors outlet lot of you, this is your last day at work before a large "weekend " , and I want to tempt you away from the final pre- Christmas duties with our weekly roundup of offers bag , including some November markdowns from your favorite retailers .
As much as gift guides can be helpful when it comes to figuring out what to bestow upon family and your favorites , we're guessing that you've already decided what you are hoping to find under the tree in two weeks. After all , if they were not skilled in the art to choose the expensive things you probably would not have done at our lil ' Internet home.
Like handbags to choose holiday wishlist reveal things about you . ( Or it could! We just guessing . ) Below , check out some of our assumptions completely biased, sorted by what may or may not be hoping to find wrapped with a bow this year.
As much fantasy gifts are fun to look at and think about the reality for most people, even most luxury clients , is that all we have a budget to stick to . According to this idea, we constructed a series of gift guides price levels for shopping with checkbook in mind just a little easier. Last week, I searched the Internet for gifts under $ 500 , and today , we've doubled up on the best gifts under $ 250.
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Every year around this time , color experts (which I would think it was a strange title , if not my own title " blogger handbag " ) from Pantone get together and inform world of color we wear in the next 12 months as a result of trend forecasting and also Pantone wish to remind people that are not graphic designers that it exists . 2014 Pantone Color of the Year is a pink - violet known as Radiant Orchid , and it seems that a group of handbag designers realized before last week's announcement .
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Holidays get very expensive very quickly. Not only that there are gifts to buy, but there are parts ( both to participate and to cast ) , holiday meals , travel expenses and a whole host of other costs that go along with a feast . We usually talk about extravagant shopping adventures around here, but with budgets in mind , we have prepared a series of gift guides that are price levels . For the first time in this series is a rundown of the best gifts under $ 500 .
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While going through thousands of pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio , yesterday , one thing struck me above all : Alessandra Ambrosio have to be a pretty big show. Victoria Secret Superstar has two beautiful children , a handsome husband and a successful career based on her own innate attractiveness . On top of all that , does not seem to sweat it too much paparazzi nonsense , unlike some of the celebrities we've profiled in the past. Alessandra taste in handbags more or less goes along with that attitude - laid back but luxurious , with lots of crossbody bags and options suitable for a mother of two small children . If the mother is also a Brazilian lingerie model anyway.
Let's face it , our bags are usually jam packed . We never planned on them getting it fully , but somewhere along the line I lost control, and now are toting around twenty different shades of red lipstick , a pair louis vuitton outlet of flats to our home commute, a wallet overstuffed with too many receipts Barneys and all our electronic gadgets and their inherent chargers . Now that the temperatures begin to cool , handbag daily did not seem large enough to fit our cold weather accessories all over what is already there. We are left with no option but to upsize .
Take it from someone who has left behind enough gloves, scarves and hats to keep warm an entire continent : you always want to have enough room in your bag to fill all your winter needs , including hand warmers , Rosebud Salve and lots of moisturizing face lotion . Therefore we rounded up 13 large bags that have plenty of room to accommodate virtually everything but the kitchen sink. ( In fact, you may even be able to fit in some of these giant totes ) .
Autumn is jumping in leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and layering tons of textures. As much as I love my cashmere sweaters when it comes to accessories , this season is about calf hair for me. For months I yearned several calf hair bags than you can possibly imagine , in fact , I began to think that my heart may even be covered in the stuff .
Calf hair adds such an element of sophistication to any outfit and instantly makes you look a little more luxious . These calf hair bags 20 are so elegant and so soft that you might even find yourself stuck with one to end the night.
Happy Friday , readers PurseForum Roundup ! We are so glad you are joining us for another round of our sister site the latest and greatest . PurseForum is Michael Kors Factory Outlet full of delightful diversions , and this past week was no exception. We stopped and got some revealing and listened to some very interesting conversations . Come and see what we found!
Everyone has their own "portal " aPurseForum . Some of us subscribe to certain topics and check first, some search and some new posts ( we include in this group ) , just grab Forums vertical menu bar and jump in one of our favorite Subforums . This week, Goyard caught our eye . It has been quite some time since I visited this subforum relatively quiet , and as it turns out , it certainly was not quiet this fall ! Deeply rooted in fine luggage and travel accessories , Goyard has stayed true to its origins and izzue520 reminded us of this fact happy with it reveals this magnificent torso . You will love the beautifully detailed photos izzue520 included - this reveals is a real treat !
Other looks include 233 Goyard bag and matching wallet nance1002 a very beautiful rose color . I also found adorable coin purse KRZ in this thread, and another splendid camera reveal yrtxcyrtxc . Small leather goods are a perfect way to jump into this brand !
Rarely a week passes without Actress Jessica Alba has something fabulous here on the blog , and after much discussion , we decided it was time I took a second look at her collection bag . Jessica was one of the first celebrities who we profiled when I started making "multiple bag " posts , and in the 17 months since the last time I checked , Jessica has made over 50 gorgeous bags for us to drool over .
That's why louis vuitton bags a new bag every 10 days or so ? Pretty impressive, if you ask us . Not only that, but Jessica remains true to her own personal style - she wears a lot of mini crossbody bags , which fit perfectly with her ??look California cool . Check out the complete collection part two below.
As we are all aware of ( and sometimes too conscious) designer handbags are , by nature, expensive. Often prohibitively so . As much as we think it is often worth it to save your pennies and splurge on that $ 2,000 bag you want , sometimes that is just not in the cards , no matter how much you restrict activities outside - of-the - home and how closely you follow our 18 Easy GIF steps. Or maybe you're not sold on $ 2,000 handbags as a concept quite yet simply prefer to keep costs to a more comfortable realm . Anyway , we've got you.
As we do every season, we rounded up what we think are the best handbags in the country of under $ 600 . Every season, it becomes harder to do - contemporary bags prices inching up just like anything else, but we persevered . Tis our duty . Check out our choices below, which varies from favorites loyal to the brand new models and Shopbop remember that one of our favorite sources for bags in this price range , offers 25% discount on almost every purchase with code INTHEFAMILY25 through tomorrow, October 17.
Wow, I did! National Day hand was so interesting to just be put into words . We had so much fun sifting through the thousands (yes, thousands ! ) The Instagrams you all posted michael kors handbags on how they spent the festive day .
If you missed any of the action yesterday , we rounded up the best of our favorite Instagrams from designers , retailers and fashion insiders , handbags presentation most luxurious and covetable . Take a look through this presentation seriously chic.
First, we want to thank you for joining us in our National Day shenanigans hand yesterday. You made ??the first annual celebration so much bigger and more fun than I ever could have predicted , and we feel very fortunate to have such a great group of readers . Today, I want to thank you how we appreciate every Friday a new round of offers bag .
Last week , I was ready to start a new series we are very excited ! I asked everyone Instagram photo with what is inside your bag using the hashtag # pbWIMB , and you certainly did not disappoint. November ooh'd and ahh'd after collection bag and were envious of the endless amount of beauty products safely hidden in your handbag .
While we loved sifting through all your comments , I was forced to choose our favorites . Take a look below at our picks of the week, and make sure to keep posting because we have a new meeting every Thursday !
Not just a lover of the bag? Create an Instagram using # showmyshoes shoes and it could be featured on our sister site TalkShoes .
It's that time of the week again, and for this I Wednesday PurseBlog team is small appetite odds - n - heads are falling so magical . From a rich jacket, bright red wool for an hour and everything in between , we have chosen eight great louis vuitton handbags things you 're dying to add to our respective closets this week. ( This time, I tagged who wants you so you can keep us accordingly. )
It may be only the first day of fall, but in terms of sales - season, we got the dead of winter . Discounts abundant Midsummer dried up , and now we are left waiting for markdowns Thanksgiving in November for a new wave of stock sales to populate sections of our favorite sites . That does not mean there are not deals to be had , though. In fact , Kate Spade is currently offering 20% discount on all merchandise full - price SEPT20US code - all you need to do is head over to Spade 's website ! Beyond that, we also have our weekly serving of offers bag - I seek sales , so you do not have to .
It's Friday ! I'm sure they already know that (and if you were not ? - Happy surprise , right) , but still, it does not change the fact that we have reached the end of another week of work, and now we are about to be free to enjoy the first weekend of fall. ( Official season , not the beginning after Labor Day . ) As always , we would like to celebrate Friday with some deals bag .
New York Fashion Week is so much , so packed with performances , I felt responsible to share our list of the best Spring 2014 runway bags in two parts. Last week, Meg has covered the best accessories that first day of shows had to offer , and today I am here to fill this list with my michael kors picks in the last days. Which includes performances from such luminaries handbag Proenza Schouler and Americans as Reed Krakoff , so you're definitely going to want to check out what's happening below.
Welcome to mid-September PurseForum Roundup. We had a great time taking in Fashion Week coverage and see what our members have been up to this week . We stopped in to catch some revealing Mulberry , Balenciaga visited for a serious discussion about the color, and of course explore other nooks and crannies just for you!
It feels like it was a while since I visited Balenciaga , and sure enough , I had a lot of catching up to do . Right off the bat , I fell in love with legally_yours " New City Bag in Vert Thyme , a pleasant shade , wearable collection that fits perfectly with them. Sambalsotong has also added a new collection bag her recent and is looking for a little help identifying color , which is a pretty shade of sky - with - a - hint - of - periwinkle blue, which will be fantastic with jeans , though. and as much as we love the color , we can not deny the new Balenciaga black that izzy48 is absolute perfection . Congratulations to all !
Speaking of color, Balenciaga has a lot of colors, and the choice and identification can be daunting tasks . We have an in-depth Balenciaga Reference Library to help new and seasoned " Bal " lovers , plus several conversations taking place mainly subforum Bal , covering topics such as new colors for next spring , the season of autumn colors , and even discussing this color rose from Corail . Make sure christian louboutin shoes to weigh in on the best colors of all wireless Bal time too!
All this talk of color we were wondering if any new bags have recently shown Bottega Veneta , and off we went to check . Sure enough, a new joint talented indiaink Veneta toned - rose brand that is pure poetry , as you can see . And you probably will want to sit down , you 'll see what fatcat2523 brought home from Las Vegas! Fellow lover - the - light - color yoyotomatoe shared a bag of blue - show- off , among other things, that we had again a second and third look !
Of course, the hottest topic now is the thread Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch PurseForum special order an epic undertaking that has been in the works since January. Orders were placed for one ( or all) of the five claws BV designed in collaboration with our members , and we are anxiously waiting for delivery and , of course, reveal these fantastic selections . Thanks to our moderator jburgh for pastoritde diligent throughout the process , and all members have co - created these beautiful bags with this home very special design .
Michael Kors took a fair bit of news this week , and I checked the subforum to see what our members have been selected from this brand constantly expanding . MK watches are very warm and very easy to wear and thread MK Watch is a popular destination . This week , I found a new member purpleparachute took a large piece of two - toned , as did louislily whose gold watch rose - gold is very nice indeed ! Lexington Bed is a perfect choice Louis Vuitton Sale for a lower clock , we love this simple design clear that Belle79 shared with appreciative audiences . And die- hard fans of pink gold , we absolutely love shoegal27 's brand new track ! There are lots of spectacular watches in the thread , so plan accordingly !
Elsewhere in Michael Kors , TaterTots is understood over the moon over her new bag Iris Hamilton . We also liked all the cute shoes in this thread , and found that the new thread starts with a bang wallet pretty impressive ! If you have not yet discovered Michael Kors , stop in and get acquainted !
Like any jewelry box in real life treasure box bijuteriiPurseForum has some incredible one-of - a-kind . Last time we visited , we focused on cartier love bracelet , so this week we decided to spend some quality time looking for unique pieces shared by our members. It was not long before I found sweet_pea645 gorgeous amethyst ring jewelry box wired for action and absolutely stunning gold earrings dooneybaby it acquired in his travels in Yemen.
Common Imustshop unusual pair of discoveries - a pendant and ring each featuring a diamond encased in glass, fascinating ! We missed it in March, but Marialc121 celebrated her first birthday and got a nice Van Cleef and Arpels butterfly of - the- finger ring features pink sapphires . Speaking of VCA , I also found this gorgeous vintage bracelet belonging Reina reference library that I felt I had to share! Drop in your jewelry box and see what treasures you will find !
I found a real treat in Mulberry this week. Loveheart rocked our world with this incredible Willow in Cosmic Blue Ostrich Tote , louis vuitton luggage a bag of one-of- a-kind that is certainly jaw -dropping in person.
Mulberry bags wear like iron , and often are purchased "pre - loved " and is always a pleasure to see these bags restored and given a new lease on life. Purchases of pre - loved this amazing recent include Alexa Boodlepop sought to auction a special edition Alexa melonsox be restored to a high Alexa clean and beautiful form that has found a home with a very happy HRHtcs !
Alexas was not just the parade , however , that Sophie @ BXL shared a special birthday gift , plus a Bayswater bag and scarf , too! She really had a great week . There is always a lot going on in Mulberry , is a subforum fun with some very passionate fans mark!
Well that concludes this week's roundup ! We look forward to entering into scarves and sweaters and sharing our many Roundups like cool weather and fall fashion heats up in the coming weeks . We want to thank you for all the wonderful comments we have received - I really appreciate them and you !
Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!
One of the peculiarities unknown to New York Fashion Week is the broad range of celebrities get run over eight days. There are a lot of games that could attract both Paris Hilton and Barbara Walters , but at Fashion Week, there are literally a place for any celebrity who is interested in cashing a check and sitting upright for a few minutes first . In the interest of journalism , we felt (or , you know, something like that ! ) That it is our duty to catalog these celebrity handbags gucci outlet online amounted to and from the tents last week .
For reasons I can not fully explain , there was a ton of Chanel and Hermes lower than one might expect . Also popular : a bag of performance, regardless of the designer you participate (or models , you just came in). Below bags famous fashion everyone to celebrate the famous , plus a bunch of people somewhere in the middle .
It does not feel like fall , right? Right. Total not fall. If we all say November thing , over and over , maybe we can extend the time you get nice warm portions -in - the- afternoon , clear - in - the- morning to early fall , which are so bright . That will work , I think. The power of positive thinking ! Can we harness ! Or at least , it's Friday and we can harness some deals bag . Yes , definitely one of the two will happen . I can feel it.
Olivia Munn know in her role as a journalist peNewsroom or her stint as a correspondent on The Daily Show, but I will always remember her for something very specific . Olivia stayed first at a Michael Kors show that I attended a couple of seasons ago, and when I saw her in person , I was amazed at how absolutely gorgeous she was .
Living in New York , you are dealing with celebrities often compared to the rest of the world ( I once saw Cindy Crawford breakfast in a totally nondescript restaurant a block from my apartment ) , and most many of them go pretty easy for ordinary people . Olivia, on the other hand , was louis vuitton much prettier in person than she is in pictures.
Who has more to do with her ??handbag collection , of course, but it does mean that we probably are not even close to reaching the end of the growth of this relatively new star 's . With that will come more handbags, but c?Newsroom just been renewed for a third season , we thought it appropriate to take a look at what has accumulated so far , handbag - wise Ms. Munn 's .

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Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn't matter.

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Such a deep answer! GD&RVVF

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