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MessageboardMain Board Can the player have two animal crossings island?

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registered: 02.12.2021
02.12.2021, 04:13 email offline quote 

The developer of the Animal Crossing game revealed that the backend system of the Animal Crossing game has capacity limitations. This means that up to eight friends can appear on an island at the same time. Players can do many things on the island, such as organizing parties and communicating with good friends. Players can also choose Buy ACNH Items when necessary. Because sufficient bells will make the player more unimpeded in the game. In addition, according to the rules of the game, you cannot own multiple islands. For Animal Crossing fans who are used to owning and playing multiple towns, this change will take time to adapt.

The limitation of only one island seems to be the same as the animal game: Xinye is not any different on the surface. The saving method of the two games has different settings. Animal crossing games are friendly to novice players of any age. Novice players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Items from the ACBellsBuy website and quickly jump into the fun game. Games like Nintendo 3DS will save file information in the game cart itself. And allows the cart to move between systems. But for Nintendo Switch, the information will be stored in the internal memory of the local system.
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