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MessageboardMain BoardA few other MMOs have the concept of map contribution

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registered: 09.06.2018
09.06.2018, 11:07 email offline quote 

Anything between the Codex:Remove the codex from their inventories and worn gear. Not only does this imply they miss out on a free 30% IED from the leafre set Maplestory items, but it means they also can no more utilize familiars. Those gamers who exploited the buffer overflow glitch with the exploit last year? They would no longer have the ability to use a wolf underling or large spider familiar whilst bossing if this was their punishment. That is a massive incentive to NOT partake in any exploit involving the codex.

Participating in event exploits to secure more items than intended:Remove all of the relevent items in their inventories, even ones got from the case in previous years. If you mistreated the glistening easter egg buff event this season, then you deserve to get all of your buffs you have collected/hoarded within time deleted. When possible, this should be accompanied by obstructing that player's account from participating in the event if it comes back later on.

Selling game items for real money:I know you see these folks. They market the Paypal prices right in their shop windows today, and often no action is taken against them except to sometimes change the text in their store window. If you don't need to ban them outright simply delete all of the items in their shop stocks. Second offense would be deleting all the items in their inventory and within their storage. Third offense could be an outright ban or deleting everything on their entire account. All items, maplestory 2 Mesos, medals earned etc..

Clearly some actions should still result in an instant ban. Hacking, using somebody else's account, duping etc etc.. . But overall few actions should instantly justify a ban, however they nevertheless merit a punishment. I really do believe that this sort of system would bring about a really positive shift in the way the community thinks about breaking the ToS. And finally, if you disincentivize them out of breaking the Maplestory Mesos at the first place, you then won't encounter problems on the exact same scale as the Shiny Easter Egg Buff exploit or hunters club pops. You may also, finally, have fewer players botting for amounts.

A few other MMOs have the concept of map contribution, meaning that you need to contribute a lot to a event/meta occasion before you start earning the much better rewards out of it. And the best rewards are only handed out to people who reach quite high levels of contribution/participation from the event. I think that a comparable strategy for elite boss rewards could remove a huge area of the toxicity and camping that surrounds elite boss hunting.
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