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Germany 22.07: zum dreijährigen von BF2 - Patch 1...
Germany 22.07: Left 4 Dead Cover ist da!
Germany 22.07: Postal III kommt inkl. Terminversch..
Germany 19.07: Zwei neue Video zu FarCry 2
Germany 19.07: Zwei Schwachstellen im Call of Duty..
18.07: b2bk.cs - 1:16
18.07: b2bk.wc3 - 3:1
18.07: b2bk.ut - 3:3
18.07: b2bk.bf2 - 116:28
18.07: ALTERNATE aTTaX - 0:16
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clanwar details

Date: 18.07.2008
Game / Squad:
Opponent: b2bk.bf2 / B2Bk
League: [Matchlink]
Maps: Strike at Karkand
Strike at Karkand 116 : 28
=BH= Team:
b2bk.bf2 Team:
Screenshots: no Screenshots available


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#2 by summer 16.07.2010 - 05:03
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David Crane, the former chief prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone who indicted ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor, called the decision a "proper step forward" that completes prosecutors' picture of atrocities in Darfur.
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"It is an odd presentation if the genocide was not allowed to go forward," said Crane, who is now a law professor at Syracuse University. "They would almost have to dance around the obvious. Now we have a complete indictment that captures all the offenses that have taken place."
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Moreno Ocampo accuses al-Bashir of keeping 2.5 million refugees from specific ethnic groups in Darfur in camps "under genocide conditions, like a gigantic Auschwitz."
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Al-Bashir, who was re-elected to a new five-year term earlier this year, refuses to recognize the court's authority and has repeatedly said he will not turn himself in to stand trial.

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#11 by case 11.08.2010 - 05:40
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#20 by gucci earring 31.08.2010 - 16:21
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Veterinarian Marty Becker Separates Fact armani watches for men From Fiction for Your Furry hermes jewelry Friends
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